My name is Jason Heppler and I am a digital historian in the Department of History at Stanford University. You can get in touch with me at jason@jasonheppler.org. This is my open research notebook which contains notes of my ongoing research projects. The best places to start are:

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Also, check out the project tabs along the lefthand side. You can follow my Zotero library for recent items, and I also maintain GitHub repositories for other work related to my research and scholarship.

Active Projects

Cody and the Progressive Wild West active
A digital history project studying William F. Cody and the Progressive ideals that influenced his views of Native Americans performing in his Wild West exhibitions.
Machines in the Valley active
A running log of my thoughts on my book manuscript.
Silicon Valley Historical active
A public history project built upon Curatescape.
Visualization in the Humanities active
In what ways can historians take advantage of visualization techniques in the presentation and communication of historical arguments?
Radical Environmentalism collecting
A computational and spatial analysis of radical environmentalism.
Spatial History collecting
In what ways can spatial history benefit from the use of computation and visualization?

Recent Updates

Date Modified Title Category
27 May 2016 HIST205F syllabus revisions Teaching
04 May 2016 2015-11-19 - Stamen Essays
03 May 2016 2015-10-03 - Future Directions Essays
03 May 2016 2015-11-18 - GIS Day Essays
03 May 2016 2015-10-28 - Place and Oral History Essays
03 May 2016 2015-11-18 - Does Digital Humanities Scholarship Count? Essays
29 Apr 2016 Courses Teaching
29 Apr 2016 Open Shift Geoserver Resources
07 Apr 2016 walker2007countrycity Readings
07 Apr 2016 omara2005 Readings
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Github Activity

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