Reading List - Data Visualization

Books and Articles

  • Steven Few, Now You See It
  • Jacques Bertin, Semiology of Graphics
  • Donna M. Wong, WSJ Guide to Information Graphics
  • Nathan Yau, Visualize This
  • Colin Ware, Information Visualization
  • Jenifer Tidwell, Designing Interfaces
  • David McCandless, The Visual Miscellaneum
  • Herbert Bayer, World Geographic Atlas
  • Joost Grootens, Metropolitan World Atlas
  • Rosenberg, Cartographies of Time (2010) rosenberg2010cartographies
  • Shawn Graham, Ian Milligan, Scott Weingart, Exploring Big Historical Data: The Historian’s Macroscope
  • Daniel Kaplan, Data Computing: An Introduction to Wrangling and Visualization with R
  • Isabel Meirelles, Design for Information: An Introduction to the Histories, Theories, and Best Practices Behind Effective Information Visualizations
  • Susan Schulten, Mapping the Nation: History and Cartography in Nineteenth-Century America
  • Form+Code
  • Close Up at a Distance
  • Myra, Interdisciplinary Conversations
  • Lima, Visual Complexity lima2011visual
  • Let Them Eat Data
  • Tufte, Visual Display of Quantitative Information; Beautiful Evidence
  • Brian Baigrie, Picturing Knowledge
  • Eviatar Zerubavel, Time Maps