Machines in the Valley Digital History Project

A list of project to-dos for my digital history project related to by book manuscript.



  • [ ] Begin writing the narrative for Stanford lands.
  • [ ] Begin writing the narrative on annexations.
  • [ ] Work up the section on space/place and urban environmentalism.


Census Maps

  • [s] Figure out how to implement various quantitative scales for each of the census features.
  • [ ]


  • [s] Finalize the population narrative and make visible on the Views page.


  • [x] Replace the time slider with a year selection button to make the transition between polygons faster.
  • [s] Add some statistical information (acres size / year, e.g.) as well as some bar charts to the narrative.
  • [ ] Consider moving the visualization to a tiled basemap instead of a static map.


  • [ ] Finish upload of newspaper documents.
  • [s] Finish upload of city council minutes.