Language Exploration

One thing I like about programming is learning new languages. This page is an attempt to log that process.


JavaScript became my primary langauge a few years ago, particularly paired with D3.js. I don’t write in it quite as much as I did a few years ago, but I’m still keeping up with it. I’m currently learning more about the advanced features of the language.


My first real programming language, and I still love it even though I don’t write it often anymore.


I haven’t had to write much PHP in several years.


I have just a bit of experience with Objective-C and have a general sense of the basics, but I don’t use it regularly. I don’t have plans right now to learn more about it.


I haven’t used Python as much as R, but I’m starting to get back into learning more about the language – particularly for data analysis and visualization. I want to know what I can and can’t do in Python vs. R.


I use R almost daily for data analysis and data visualization, and I teach it quite often for people getting started in those domains.

Rust to-learn

I’m interested in learning more about Rust, but don’t presently use it for anything.